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Vegan Caramel Popcorn

MY first post in a very long time. And a lot of things have changed.  But that we’ll take another day. I see all my old recipes are still here, … Continue reading

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Carribean Dumplings in coconut milk with cassava, plantin and carrots

So since I have not fixed the whole picture thing.  Here is the link to my instagram account and the picture. It turned out really good. Inspired by one of … Continue reading

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Here it the picture and everything from instagram. Chewy cinnamon and almond butter doughnuts, covered in a yummy cinnamon, maple syrup and almond buttter glaze. Serves: 12 mini doughnuts, or … Continue reading

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My first book is published

This just happened…my first book is published on Amazon,  way faster than trying to send it out to the publishers, I saw how that went with my book I wrote a … Continue reading

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I’ve been gone, but will be back….

Sorry that the page has not been in much use here lately, but I will get back on track. There just got to be a lot of expenses on maintaining … Continue reading

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Originally posted on alternativeeating:
So was craving something spicy, something with flavor, and I ended up with this recipe. If you don’t want the chicken, you can use tofu. Ingredients:…

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Knekkebrød-typical Scandinanavian-Crisp bread

This is something I grew up wit: knekkebrød. It is so easy to pack when you are going to school or work, and you put on anything you want. Just … Continue reading

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Mini chicken pot pie

Makes about 12 mini chicken pot pies ———————————– 2 tbs oil 1/2 tsp balsamico oil 2 tbs flour ( gluten free all purpose) 400 gr chicken (chopped into bite size … Continue reading

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Raw Juice – Green Goddess Juice

  A long time ago all I did was juicing, but then I kind of walked away from it. But this past Tuesday I had an all raw day. Felt … Continue reading

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Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries, and hosting my first ever Zumba event!

So this past Saturday: March 22, 2014 I hosted my first ever Zumba Event. When the date got planned we did not know that it was in the middle of … Continue reading

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