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Clean eating

So, when you think about it, if a person goes to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, BurgerKing or any of the fast food chains several times a week, or maybe everyday, sit at home, sit in the car, sit at work, and hardly moves at all, is this a healthy picture that gets created in your mind? Its is not only  the obvious obese that fits into this category, there is a new group of people on the rise. The so called “Skinny fat”. Who has not seen them? Skinny, on the outside what so many crave, but on the inside filled with fat around their organs.

“Clean eating” is a life style that leads to weight loss, its not something that you can do for a period of time, it is something that you do, a change in your eating habits that you make. I do eat clean, but my eating habits are mixed together of various things, made into my own,  Tosca Reno is the  person in lead of all this, she has came out with several books,  and can be seen, and read every month in the clean eating magazine “Oxygen Magazine”.  I have been reading this magazine for years. And I do own some of her cookbooks, which I also recommend to other people.

But what is clean eating?

Eating clean, means eating unprocessed  and whole food, but also mixing it with an active lifestyle. As everyone knows, if you are a “couch potato”, you lack energy, you feel fatigue, and sometimes  it actually leads to people getting depressed on several different levels. To get moving, even if it is only for 15-30 minutes in the beginning, does something for the body. So get started, get moving.

If you find the clean eating article interesting, read more about clean eating here:

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