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Low-carb, what is it

So after hearing several family members and friend talking about low-carb, I had to see for my self what the fuzz is all about. I went and bough a cookbook, in Norwegian at my local health store, and I am going to  read the book, and try the recipes, and include some of it in the households diet.

I have heard about if as I said, for quit a while, and  also over heard some comments from some doctors on their thoughts on the “low-carb trend”.  One doctor said: A little bit is good, but taking it to the extreme is not healthy in the long run neither for the person or the persons health. Some people take it a little to far.

And I have been reading about it to, thats not a surprise.

A low-carb diet cuts all carbohydrates, meaning bread, pasta, grains, rice, and veggies with a lot of starch in them such as potatoes. You amp up on proteins and fat.

Carbohydrates are a basic food source for many people. Digested carbs turns into sugar. Insulin in the body uses blood sugar to  make energy  in the cells. Excess sugar gets stored in muscles and the liver as glycogen. By cutting down carb, the diet then reduce the level of insulin, which again is said to lead to weight loss.

Some low-carb diets include fruit, but not many.

There is always a downside to all thing: the increased level of saturated fat in these kinds of diets, puts people in a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases.  And by cutting out fruits, and even some veggies, will in the long run make the body “starve” for fiber, leading to  constipation.

So yes, there is some negativity, but there has to be a reason why this thing has become a hit lately.

Low-carb diets are to mention some: Atkins and zone diet.

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2 comments on “Low-carb, what is it

  1. Lillian
    August 1, 2011

    Spennande. Kloke tanka og innsikt du kjem med her! Har fundert litt på denna lavkarbo trenden sjølv.. ikkje å begynna med han, men nysgjerrig- for noko bra må da jo vera.
    Forresten.. vil du helst ha svara på engelsk kanskje?

    • alternative eating
      August 1, 2011

      Engelsk elle norsk, er hips om haps:) Ja, eg har lurt på kva da er for noke, i lange tide, så no tok nyfiken:) øvehand:) Eg må jo lesa, og undersøkja, og så var da ein diskusjon eg såg på eine kanalen på tv eine dagen som vekkja endo meir interesse. Håpa du blei litt klokare:) 🙂

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