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Why use ecological cleaning products

So heard about green cleaning products? The other day I was in our local health store and  past the shelve with these products as usual, but this time I picked up a few products from ecover. I tried them, and yes, they clean the house, and yes, the house smelled fresh, but why use this instead of regular cleaning supplies?

It is said that if you think about the environment, and all the toxins that actually are used in a lot of cleaners, you should use  “green” products. They are “healthier” products. In normal cleaning products there are a lot of chemicals such as: phosphates, surfactants, detergents, bleaches, dyes, fragrances, surfactants and much more.  All these affect something in the environment negatively, f.ex by contaminating water.  The gasses that some of these chemicals  release when used may lead to several negative health conditions.

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