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Coconut Rice

This is a easy way to give the rice a little more flavor. In Korea, as in so many other Asian countries, they eat a lot of rice. Putting coconut milk in the rice gives it an other flavor, it is something my mum usually does.


Read the recipe on the rice of your choice, and cut the water in half. Do not use instant rice, as it has been altered: meaning, in order to make rice “quick” or instant it has been pre-cooked, then dried. This again takes out all the nutrients, and it gets processed by the body as simple carbohydrates, which again makes the body turn it into sugar sooner.  Brown rice a better choice, because  is has more fiber, digest slower, and is good for insulin management. Brown rice also has a lower GI and then normal white rice. But use what you have in hand.


1/2   water

1/2  coconut milk

1 tsp rice vinegar (optional)

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp italian seasoning

1 garlic clove ( chopped)


This rice can be used in several different meals.

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