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Garlic Chicken

While my son is sleeping, I’m taking the time to play on my computer. The other day I wrote about why and how to workout when pregnant. And there is so many great articles out there to read. Here is another one: I love the header on this one, Because I can relate to the topic ” I’m pregnant, but not fragile“.  Some times people would act is if I was made out of glass when they found out that I was pregnant. I just wanted to say: I’m still me, and NO I did not change all that much. I will not break in half from the inside out just because I am pregnant. But it had its perk, like getting to NOT wait inline for the toilet.  Enough said.


No comment to picture, just too funny.

On an other note:  Its fall, the color of the threes have started to change. And there is a colder wind in the mornings. I’m new to comfort foods, but I would def. take some comfort in eating this..:)  You might ask “what is comfort food” just like I did when I first heard this name. Like it states it is food that gives you comfort. I would imagine that what one person think is the best comfort food ever might not be what your neighbor think is the awesomenessess ( is a word) thing ever. For the defentition: ” Comfort food is food that traditionally is prepared , and it has a nostalgic or sentimental appeal.” Depending on culture, background and so much more.

I love sweet potatoes, and I love cornbread. So this was a good combination: the “Jalapenos and Cheddar cornbread muffins” with  garlic chicken on a bed of sweet potatoes:).  A dish that also have the colors of fall in it. What is your favorite dish to eat now that the weather is getting colder?


4 chicken tenders

4 whole garlic cloves

2 tbs oil

1 tsp butter

1 green onion



chili powder

1/2 cup cream


1. Heat up the frying pan ( on medium), add the butter and oil. Melt. And add the whole garlic cloves and chopped green onions. Let simmer until golden.

2. Add the chicken, and sprinkle the spices over.  Let simmer for about 5 minutes.

3. Flip around, and sprinkle some more seasoning.  Let simmer, and then flip around again. Make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through.

4. Take the chicken out


To make an easy sauce

Have the frying pan still on, add the cream, and let simmer for 1 minutes



3 comments on “Garlic Chicken

  1. BongoDogOwner
    October 29, 2011

    Thanks for stopping by Bongo’s blog. You’ve got some recipes that look yummy on yours. Since I live in the American Southwest Mexican food is my favorite. It can be made healthy – or not, depending on which dishes you make.

    • alternative eating
      October 30, 2011

      Thank you:) I like Mexican food, but yes, it it like you say, it depends on what you make if its healthy or not:) 🙂 🙂 But its still good

  2. Kristina
    October 30, 2011

    hmmm… that sounds delicious! I love hearty food, it’s soo good when the weather cools down! Such food keeps us warm! 😀

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