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Bergen- and a little more rain

Like I said earlier: I used to live in Bergen. I loved it there, and I still love the city. This week I’ m spending my time with family and friends here.

Bergen is the second largest city next to Oslo. This city is the capital of the westcoast. Anyone that goes to Norway should stop by Bergen, go up the mountains, and look around at the local fishmarket. There is way more to see than that.

The city if famous for its over 260 days of rain pr year.

This first picture is from Fløyen, that gives you a 180 degree view of the city and some. It is a popular tourist attraction, but locals use it for hiking.

Following will be some pictures that I took while hiking with a friend, and my son.

It started pouring in the late morning, and in continued through out the day. It is very typical Bergen weather.

During my stay in Bergen I have gone out and ate a couple of times, there is a lot of good places to eat. Zupperia is a place that is affordable, good quality, and very good food. Zupperia is located two places in the sentrum. This is their sesame fried scampi. I have had it a couple of times, and I love it.

Ichiban is also a good place to go, great service, and good quality food. They have also open a new restaurant in Bergen.  I had sushi, there was a little too much sauce that they put on it. But that is the only bad thing that I can say: I had Lunar and Crazy Tuna Maki.

There is also other restaurants to eat at. It depends on what kind of food you want, and how picky you are. More to come later.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends!

2 comments on “Bergen- and a little more rain

  1. Kristina
    November 24, 2011

    I want to go to Norway!! So beautiful wow, especially that panoramic view of the city… I better start saving 😀

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