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Workout 07.02.2012

So, on my facebook page I always post workouts and articles written by others.  And now I’m going to post workouts here too. Some are without weights, just your bodyweight, and some are with weights.

This is a fit test. Because I am doing a 30 day challenge. There is nothing like challenging yourself. Love it. Please tell me what time you did. Here is my time:

I did this one here is my score: it is 50 sec with 10 sec rest
1. Squat Jumps–46
2. Push Ups–44
3. Burpees–16
4. High Knees–112
5. Switch Lunges–73
6. Tuck Jumps–47
7. Tricep dips–46
8. Straight Abs–65
It builds up a good sweat

3 comments on “Workout 07.02.2012

  1. Kristina
    February 8, 2012

    This is a good challenge! 🙂 I keep trying to wake up earlier and do some exercises… Well, it’s much easier in summer when it’s light outside at 6am! 🙂

    • alternative eating
      February 8, 2012

      Yes, its easier in the summer time, when it is actually light outside:) 🙂

  2. Joyce Lewis
    August 31, 2013

    I am going to do this starting Sunday September 1st…..can’t wait!

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