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Day 4 of Bodyrock 30 day Challenge- Hard & Thight rep Challenge

Here is today’s workout: This is a pyramid workout for a total of 275 Reps

You will perform 10 Reps Per Exercise.  When 10 reps per exercise is complete you will do 9 then 8,7,6,5 etc down to the final round of 1 rep per exercise.

My time: 31:41 min

1) Tuck Jump Reverse Lunges (30 lb db)

2) Tricep push ups

3) Exploding Upright row( 30 lb db)

4)Reverse Pull up/ I did flies with 10 lb db

Look here to see the pictures of the workout, there was no video this time

If not, here is the “reading on how to do it”

Tuck Jump Reverse Lunge.

Start in a sitting position with your legs underneath you and your hands at your sides or out in front of you.

Jump up onto your feet keeping your knees bent and core tight.

Perform a Jump Tuck by jumping up and touching your hands to your knees. Jump up as high as you can for your agility level.

Land softly on the balls of your feet and bend your knees slightly to absorb the shock. Pick up your Pink Sandbag.

Raise your Pink Sandbag overhead and do a press.

Next step into a backward lunge. If you don’t have a Pink Sandbag you can do the tuck jump with a backward lunge using your bodyweight. If you can’t do a tuck jump you can get up by placing one foot at a time underneath you jump as high as you can touching your hands to your knees. Please note that you will do the Jump Tucks and right leg backwards lunge for 10 reps then follow with Jump Tucks and left leg backwards lunges for 10 reps. Don’t alternate legs!

Tricep Push Up

Hands should be shoulder width apart. This is primarily a tricep exercise. Lower yourself to the top of the BodyRock Equalizer …

and press yourself back up.

Modification Tricep Press for Beginners:

Starting on your knees, place your hands shoulder width apart. Slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself towards the BodyRock Equalizer. You can do this exercise standing off of a wall or kneeling in front of your sofa or coffee table. Just make sure that you use a stable platform.

Push off the BodyRock Equalizer engaging your core and triceps and push yourself back up into the starting position.

Exploding Upright Row

Get into the pushup position with your hands on the Pink Sandbag

Perform a half burpee bringing your legs up towards the bag.

Grabbing the Pink Sandbag in the middle strap row the sandbag up to shoulder height level. If you don’t have a sandbag then you can use some kind of alternate weight (get creative) or you can either do it with bodyweight only or swap out this exercise for Burpees.

Reverse Pull Up

Get yourself into the starting position. Make sure that your back is straight and you are not dropping your butt down. The further you extend your legs the harder this exercise becomes. I am in the beginner posture above with my feet planted under me knees and the weight of my legs in my heels.

Hold your core tight and pull yourself up. Control the movement on the way down – don’t just drop back into the starting position. If you need to take a break then do so – but don’t compromise form for speed. This is a tough exercise, but it is great for the back and core.

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