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Day 5 of the Bodyrock 30 Day Challenge- Show it off workout

Since the bodyrockers are on vacation there is only pictures to this workout. Click here to see the workout.

Todays workout: My time:

Complete 4 rounds of the sets below

Strenght warm up

1)Sandbag squat ( I used a 30 lb db that I held up close to my chest)- 15 reps

2)Plank Knee Tuck (Balanced on a chair) 30 reps total

3)Shoulder Press (30 lb db)  15 reps

4) Bent over row (30 lb db) 15 reps


Cardio Component

High Knees skipping 8 roundt 50/10 ( 50 sec on 10 sec rest) ( I just did high knees, skip rope is packed down:( )

136, 137, 129, 116,110, 123, 127, 136



Complete 4 rounds of the sets below:

Strengt Cool Down

1)Sandbag Squat (30 lb db) – 15 reps

2)Elevated Push ups-15 reps

3) Reverse Pull ups ( I did Reverse push ups) -15 reps

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