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Daily Workout 13.2.2012

Its MONDAY. Love it, new week, new opportunities. Later I am doing my Bodyrock 30 day Challenge, and ZWOW #4. It will be posted later.

But for now. Some blogilates. Which I also happens to love. Cassey always have a smile on her face, and she makes you do the workout. Its pilates, but this is not the regular pilates that you might think of. Take a peek, and see what you think.

Men can do it, there is not anything, or a “rule” that says that men cannot do pilates.

Today its cardio kickboxing and throbbers.  When I worked out for my kickboxing event in Ireland (which did not happen since I  turned out to be pregnant), I was working out a lot, and one of my favorite things to workout except for the kickboxing was “cardio kickboxing” just to get some more cardio, and  something different.

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