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Daily Workout 15.02.2012-Something new

This is the workout of the day. And I found it here, on “the fitnessexplorer”. I have also made notes for other moderations that you can use if you are a beginner.


Tabata Intervals (A 24 minute workout – including rest periods)

  • 20sec Pull-Ups (any grip), 10sec rest – (repeat for 8 rounds).
  • rest – 1 minute
  • 20s Crab walks 10s rest – (repeat for 8 rounds)
  • rest – 1 minute
  • 20s Drivers (or 20s sprints), 10s rest – (repeat for 8 rounds)
  • rest – 1 minute
  • 20s Farmer’s Walk (as heavy as you can for 20s), 10s rest – (repeat for 8 rounds)
  • rest – 1 minute
  • 20s Burpee w/2 press ups 10s rest – (repeat for 8 rounds)

* Go as hard as you can and as fast as you can during those 20s periods of work.

*In addition to doing this workout I did 250 sit ups, 50×5 different types ( but that can be another post)

Pull ups: I do them crossfit style with my resistance band. But here are  an other good alternative:

Lateral pull ups

Here is how the crab walk looks like

Alternate sides

For the drivers you have to watch this video, but you can also do sprints

Farmer’s walk: pick up two Kettlebells or Dumbbells and walk for specified distance or number of steps, or time. I used 2 x 16 kg kettlebells

Burpees w/2 press ups

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