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Day 4 Week 2 of Bodyrocks 30 Day Challenge- Hard & Thight Rep Challenge

My time for this workout: Will be posted later (Only used bodyweight)

This is a pyramid workout.  Your first round you will perform 10 Reps Per Exercise.  When 10 reps per exercise is complete you will do 9 then 8,7,6,5 etc down to the final round of 1 rep per exercise.  For this exercise challenge you will need yourSandbagEqualizer and Interval Timer. Your goal is to complete this workout as fast as you can.

1-Tuck Jump Reverse Lunge – If you don’t have a Pink Sandbag you can do the tuck jump with a backward lunge using your bodyweight. If you can’t do a tuck jump you can get up by placing one foot at a time underneath you. Jump as high as you can touching your hands to your knees.

2-Tricep Push Up –  You can do this exercise standing off of a wall or kneeling in front of your coffee table. Just make sure that you use a stable platform.

3-Reverse Pull Up – If you don’t have an Equalizer you can do a weighted upright row, or pull ups.

4-Exploding Upright Row – If you don’t have a sandbag then you can use some kind of alternate weight (get creative) or you can do it with bodyweight only or swap out this exercise for Burpees.

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