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Daily Workout 22.02.2012- Push up and chest mania- 200 reps

As you know. I love to workout. Everyday I do some kind of workout. I love it, it might be hurting there and then, but afterwards it feels so good. As a young child, youth and now in my grown up years, I have always had a little bit of extra energy. And sports, and working out was always the remedy to get some of that extra energy out. This workout with the warm up is about 12 minutes.

Today I’m doing some of my favorite moves.

Warm up ( do the exercises 3 times)

My time: 3:03 min

30 jumping jacks

20 low jacks (remember stay low the whole time)

The Routine: I did 2 rounds of it:

One round: 5:10 min

Total time: 9:12 min

20 Reptile push ups (10 on each side)

20 Butt Pinchers

(Lift up your thighs as you squeeze your gluts, and press you heals together)

20 Tapping Push ups ( Do a push up, go into a plank, and then tap the opposite shoulder. Do a total of 30 reps with alternating arms)

20 Wall Hold & Knee Tuck (15 on each leg) (put your legs on the wall, and take the knee out to the side to touch elbow, and then toward the chest, then alternate)

This is  a picture of the elevated knee tuck, but the concept is the same

20 Knee assisted one arm push ups , alternate between each push up

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