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Day 2 Week 3 of Bodyrocks 30 day challenge- Soon or Never Workout

Here is the workout for 2 day week 3 of the challenge with

My time: 18:34 min

This is a pyramid workout.  Your first round you will perform 10 Reps Per Exercise.  When 10 reps per exercise is complete you will do 9 then 8,7,6,5 etc down to the final round of 1 rep per exercise. Fair warning – this is probably one of the toughest workouts I have posted in a while and it is probably considered advanced. If you are a beginner start with 3 rounds x 15 reps per exercise. You can always add another round and more reps if you have it in you. If you are an intermediate level BodyRocker then start your pyramid at 6 Reps and work your way down from there.

Workout Breakdown:

1. Split Squat using 30 lb db

2. Elevated Push Ups using two chairs

3. Low Jack Squats using 30 lb db

4. Push Up Dip Combo using the Equalizer – if you don’t have a Equalizer you can use your dip station, or if you have no equipment you can do  the wide grip push up and star push up. Click Here and watch the video @ the 5:00 mark to find the demonstration of this alternate exercise. I did the wide grip push up and star push up

5. Side Jump Push Up Tuck Jump using the Equalizer– if you dont have Equalizer’s to jump over you can put your Sandbag on the ground and hop over that.  You can also lay a towel on the floor and side jump as well using the same technique as you would with the Equalizer.

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