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Daily Workout 02.03.2012

If you look at how I write the date it is a little different from how Americans write it. Europeans write it day, month and year. While I worked  on American soil, I learned it the American way: month, date and year. But I have kept the European way to do this.

Today I had a longer workout:

ZWOW #7 02.03.2012  “Hot Girls Sweat Workout” 12 minutes

15 Santana Push ups

Do a regular push up and then from the plank position turn your body sideways into the side plank as shown in the 3rd picture. Put your hand behind your head with your elbow pointing up towards the ceiling and then bring the elbow down towards the supporting arm as shown in the 4th picture. This counts as 1 rep. Alternate sides after each rep.

15 Crab Pike Press

Turn over toward the left side

Get into a pike press

Do a pike press

Bring your righ elbow up and behind your back turning your upper body sideways.

Return to the starting position and repeat towards the right side.

I hope you have a great day!

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