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Daily Workout 11.03.2012 – Feel the burn -upperbody and some Bex Life core workout

Today my son is 11 months old. I cannot believe it. It seemed just like yesterday that I got the greatest gift I have ever gotten. My body is back to its normal weight. But I have always been active. Before, under and after. But everyone is different, and everyones’ bodies react different to the state of pregnancy. The most important thins is to resist spending all the time in-front of the computer or TV. No matter if you are pregnant or have been or neither. The hardest part is to get out, and get moving.

My active rest day I had this past Friday. Make sure to always have 1-2  active rest days. Meaning. Your off from the hard workouts, but you still move, stretch, do some yoga, go for a walk or hike.

Today I did  I started with 10 minutes of skip rope/jump rope.

10 times up and down the stairs to the river. Which are in an 75% degree angel. Very steep, and its a total of 86 steps down. 860 steps total. If you don’t have steps available try with a chair.

My arm routine is made out of doing the reps 10×4 times each

I started with 10 lb dumbbells, but went up to 20 lb dumbbells. Remember to listen to your body. 

Remember squeeze the butt to stabilize the body more, do not sway. And keep arms under control.

10 Bicep curls

10 Shoulder Presses

10 One-Arme Overhead Tricep (10×2) (Alternate)

10 Lateral Raises

10 Bent Over Row

10  Tricep Kickbacks

10 Flyes

The core workout with Bex Life. It is 10 minutes, but still a good workout

Have a great Sunday!

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