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Daily Workout 12.03.2012 – Glutes and some ZWOW #8

So I started my day by going to the gym to day. Yeay! Love it. 1 hr of cardio and muscle pump. Made me feel even better the workout I did yesterday.

My home workout for the day is gluts and some zwow with Zuzana.

I did 10 times up and down the 86 steps down to the river. A good option is high knees. 

60 donkey kicks (30x 2)

60 Single leg glutes bridge (30×2)

50 squats

The ZWOW for the day :

This workout takes 15:21 min.  I followed Zuzana. And did a total of 6 rounds.

10 Forward/Backward squat jumps

10 Dragon lunge back

10 Toe touch jump ups

10 Side plank leg lifts (10 each side)

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