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Daily Workout 15.03.2012- Feel the shake-Core and Glutes Workout

I was without Internet for a couple of days, but I’ve been prepared for it. That’s one of the things that comes with being on vacation. We still have over 2 weeks left of vacation time. Yeay! Time is going so fast when you’re having fun. We’re back in Nashville now, after a trip to Alabama.

Always remember to warm up. My favorite, is of course the jump rope.

60 alternating side planks w/knees (30 on each side)

Don’t drop your hips!!! Keep your core tight !

60 Plank w/diagonal arm reach (30 on each side)

60 One straight legged bridge (30 on each leg) NB!!Don’t put the butt down, keep it up the whole time!

60 Squats (On each 10 count hold for 10 counts at the lowest position)

I definitely felt this one!!! Let me know what you think.


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