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Daily Workout 18.03.2012 – ZWOW #9

Today I am doing this workout with Zuzana. An other great workout. It is only 10 minutes, but you will sweat I promise.


I did     3 rounds and came all the way to 13 reps of the crab toe touch AKA  3.5  rounds. I sweated A LOT!!!!

10 reps Santana Push ups

10 reps 3 Pike Plyo Tuck

30 reps Crab Toe Touch

20 reps Lox Jacks

Have a great workout!!

6 comments on “Daily Workout 18.03.2012 – ZWOW #9

  1. jthealthyfit
    March 18, 2012

    She makes it look soo easy, right?! It’s not until you get into the workout that easy isn’t the right word to describe it!

    • alternative eating
      March 18, 2012

      Yes, she does. And then I start, and the sweat starts to. I was burning up when I was done.

      • jthealthyfit
        March 18, 2012

        All of her workouts are good because there’s a lot of variety and that’s key to any workout routine! Hope to hear more about your progress and keeping up with Zuzana!

      • alternative eating
        March 18, 2012

        Yes, I followed Zuzana when she was on bodyrock, and it was never the same after she left. So glad that she started her own channel:)

  2. Goober Nut's Life
    March 18, 2012

    I love how her workouts require little to no equipment at all. Bodyrock’s gotten WAY too complicated, and I’m loving ZWOW’s instead. 🙂

    • alternative eating
      March 18, 2012

      I totally agree. I still do both. But yes, I do like Zuzana’s workout more. She is the original. I was telling my husband the same thing yesterday.

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