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Papaya- and nutritional value

Papaya along with mango is one of my favorite fruits. I can eat a whole big one when I get started.

Make sure that the papaya is ripe, or els it’s not that good. It should feel soft to the touch.

It taste good, and it has health and medical purposes.

Papaya has a high level of natural fiber, carotene, vitamins and minerals. But also different enzymes such as arginine and carpain.  It is said to aid in weight loss, and detox the body. It is an easy fruit to digest, and  papain that is found in the papaya aids in the digestion. It is a fruit low in calories, but still very high in nutritional value. It is also rich in water, and  is in some cases considered a hydrating fruit.

When it comes to pregnancy and eating papaya, there are a lot of “rumors”.  I my self ate papaya when pregnant. It promotes a healthy bowl movement, helps constipation, and indigestion.  Just to mention some things. I would not on the other hand, eat an un ripe papaya. Remember it should always be ripe.

Some other health benefits:

  • Has a high amount of potassium
  • Helps prevent constipation, and in digestion.
  • Helps battle infections in the colon.
  • The skin can help treating skin wounds
  • Low in calories, but high in nutritional value
  • Regularly consuming papaya helps to relieve morning sickness and nausea.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • High levels of Vitamin A & C
  • Cleansing
 To read more about papaya, see the links below:

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