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Daily Workout 25.04.2012 – It should burn!!!

Remember to warm up before doing any kind of exercise. Use that jump rope, do some high knees, or just do some jumping jacks. Warm up the muscles! If preferred  you can use very light weights to warm up the muscles.

Today is all about upper body. Are you ready?

Complete 3 rounds of all the workouts!

Tricep press

Press elbows agains ears. Elbows should be pointed forward, NOT to the sides at all times.

40 reps. Use a heavy weight

Bicep contractions. 

Core tight. Rest elbow on your inner thigh. Extend all the way down, and curl up.

30 reps on each arm. Use a heavy weight! 8-12 pounds!

Lateral raises

Core tight, squeeze glutes. Make sure that you don’t swing your body when lifting. Look in a mirror to help you out.

30 reps on each arm. Heavy weight. This is a large muscle group. 

Try it, feel it. Repeat 3 times. Have a great Wednesday! And thank you for stopping by.

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