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Clean Spicy Cocoa &Angel Rocks- our first real hike outdoors

Since the snow has partly melted, we tried our first test run towards hiking in the Alaskan mountains. This time Angel Rocks. Not all the snow was melted, and it was kind of hard to walk in. Did did the whole trail 3.5 miles and it took us a little under 3 hrs. I had all the extra weight of my son on the front. We are def. investing in an other carrier. Ultimate workout.

The Angel Rocks are formed  of granite outcrops (tors). These were formed millions of years ago, due to the volcanic activity in the ares. The molten rock push upward and was cooled off before reaching the earth’s surface.  These rocks are great for rock climbing. I climbed one of them. It was not very hard, some steep parts. This is one in the far.  The high point of the trail is 1750 feet.

This is me on top of the one I climbed.

Us walking up one of the many steep hills. We were a total of 5 grown ups and 2 babies:)

One of the other hills that we walked down.

After the hike we came home, and what makes everything feel better. A shower! Yes, but then after that….A hot cup of cocoa. So I made some food, and we had spicy hot cocoa.

1 Serving

1 cup (240 ml) coconut milk ( I used Silk. The beverage kind)

2 tbsp Navitas Naturals Cocoa Powder

Dash agave nectar

Dash of black pepper

Dash of cinnamon

Dash of cayenne pepper


Pour all the ingredient in a small saucepan. And have it on medium heat. Stir the whole time. 5-6 minutes. Bring to boil, and then take of eye.

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration. Have a great Tuesday!

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One comment on “Clean Spicy Cocoa &Angel Rocks- our first real hike outdoors

  1. 2katjaskitchen
    May 1, 2012

    The spiciness reminds me of when I was in Oaxaca and introduced to Mexican hot chocolate. It’s so yummy!

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