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Happy Early Mother’s Day To All Mothers, and Mothers to be!!!

To be a mother is the greatest gift there ever is!
When you are a mother it makes you proud!
You show strength and you are the rock for your children!
When we’re kids, we celebrate our mothers.
When you are a mother we thank our own mothers.
When you are in the middle of it growing up sometimes it’s hard
Saying to your mom “Thank you mom, for all you have done, will do and are to me!”
Appreciate your mom, your grandmother, your mother’s in law.
All daughters will some day be mothers, and all mothers will one day be grandmother.
Love your family!

These following pics are a few pics of the women in my family and the once close to me!  I didn’ t have pics of all you you, but I still think about you! I love you all!! I wished I could make this post way long for all mothers! You all know who you are! Have a great Mother’s Day tomorrow!!

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration.
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