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Daily Workout 22.05.2012 Arm & Chest Challenge!

I like to put together new workouts. This one is pretty simple. Remember to warm up for 5-10 minutes before. Roll those shoulders back, take a deep breath and get ready:

If you have a gymboss set the timer for 10 reps  : 20 sec intervals with 10 sec rest

Walk over push ups

Get into position and do one push up. Then get back into plank and walk with your feet and your hands one step over to the side. Perform another push up and then walk back over to the side where you started from. Each push up counts as one rep. Rest for 10 sec, and repeat when the beeps go of. Or watch your alternative timer! Try to push your self a little further everytime!

There should be a burn by now!

5 Turkish Get ups ( on each side) with a medium weight lb or db

Keep your core tight. Lay flat on your back with your arm straight up. Keep the arm straight the whole time, and core tight. Use your free hand to push up from the floor. Stand straight up, and then sit down slowly, and lay flat on your back with arm straight. This is one rep.

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration.

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