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Re-do:Clean Eating -Fresh Freshly Made Strawberry Muffins

Like I said yesterday, there has not been a lot of time to do new things in the kitchen, and cooking has been done quickly. Yes, all the meals have been served. But I have not taken pictures, and written down my recipes. I promise to come back strong. It has been all about reading, reading, reading, practicing and some more reading.  And these muffins were so good, that they deserved an other post. Love them. Made them many times!

Makes 10-12 muffins

2 eggs

3 tbsp agave nectar

1 dl (1/2 cup) buttermilk

1 dl (1/2 cup) strawberry yoghurt (biola)

2 dl (3/4 cups) chopped up strawberries

1/2 dl (1/4 cup) freshly juiced orange juice ( you can use normal juice)

2 dl (3/4 cups) spelt flour

1 tsp baking powder


For topping

1 tsp of yoghurt natural for each muffin

1/4 strawberry for each muffin

Preheat oven to 200C (400F)

Mix all your ingredients together, and fill up the muffin cups 3/4 of the way. On top add a tsp of yoghurt, and put the strawberry on top of that again.

Bake for 10-15 minutes, or do a “fork test” on them.

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration.
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