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Start with your health!!!

As you all know I am a health nut…And now I’ve been introduced to something called Juice Plus+. Which is a whole food nutrition. It has been stated and has been done research on, there is over 20 studies on it. Or els I don’t think I actually would try it. So I’m dropping my vitamins that I am taking, because Juice Plus has everything I need. Derek is trying it too, and Mattias got the chewies. They have a special program for kids so that kids from the age 3 gets free chewes when parents are using Juice Plus+. It is a cheaper, and better way that you get all the servings of fruit, vegetables and fiber that the body needs in a day . A lot of vitamins has to be taken with other vitamins and minerals to actually work, so that can be costly too, and then buying all the fruit and vegetables…. I am not stopping buying produce. check out the web page, and see what you think:

The page can be converted into pretty much any language. Just click location and then wait for a moment and then click the desired language on top….

#BeStrong #BeBeautiful #StrongForLife

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration.

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