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Pregnancy and Body Image: For better and worse!!!!


For many women, body image is something that is constantly on their minds. And it gets to be a more sensitive issue and concern when the different stages of pregnancy hits.

These pictures are from who did a study amongst over 400 women, where they were asked to describe their pregnant bodies.  I find it very fascinating. Because I can relate to a lot of the words that have been put on these two drawings.

As I am going through my second pregnancy ( which is counting on the final weeks), I know how it is to embrace your pre- and post pregnant body, and the importance of what mindset you are in when it comes to your body. To stay positive to the changes that comes with being pregnant is a key element.


But it is easier said than done. The constant fluctuation of hormones, water retention and water weight, and other weight, skin breakouts like a teenager, and other lots of fun things. All due to the expanding uterus.  It makes it hard, sometime you have good days, sometimes you just don’t.


There are steps you can take to make the body transition easier on your self, during and after.  Remember as everything els, this is an issue where it helps to talk, talk to your partner, your husband,  a close friend, or a doctor.   Don’t go and drag yourself down, by adding a negative vocabulary to describe  yourself.  Expressing your fears, is better than bottling them up until it all explodes.

Think of the changes to your body as a positive thing, as the changes is something that comes with the baby growing. And learn. Read, talk to others, about pregnancy so you kind of know what to expect in the different stages of your pregnancy. Participate in some exercise, a light walk or just a swim is sometimes just what the mind needs ( Also see the article I wrote about working out  and pregnancy). Prenatal yoga is also a great way to share your experiences with other pregnant women, and to link with your body.

When you finally have your baby in your arms, remember you don’t get your body back over night. After birth the body starts to adjust, but remember you body also needs time to recover. Listen to your body, as with everything els. Exercise is a great way to get back to your post pregnant body. But remember don’t over do it. Sometimes a nice stroll with your baby, is exercise enough. It is also a great way to get out of the house in the first very busy months.

This is such an interesting subject, and I could just keep going.

But here are some more articles on the subject: : Pregnancy and Body Image
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How to cope with your changing body

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