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The Mommy- Tummy Pooch & Abdominal wraps – after pregnancy-why


When  you are pregnant the belly grows (obviously), and as the stomach grows, you get that nice line starting at the bottom, and that  grows its way up, as the stomach grows. This is said to be a sign of the separation of your muscles, but it it also your pregnancy hormones at play.

Photo on 2013-02-10 at 10.02

( This picture is of me third trimester, second pregnancy).

If you look at the dark line (also called Linea Nigra or Linea Alba, no matter of what color of the rainbow the mother is), you can tell where the left and right  recti muscles goes. So your pregnant belly grows, and so does your little wonder and with this the ab muscle gets stretched more and more until they finally separate. Many women experience this, especially in their third trimester. It is very common. Actually one out of three experience this.

But what are separated muscles? It is a condition when main abdominal muscle pull apart (the rectus abdominus). The left and right side of the stomach muscles separate leaving a gap in the middle. I could not feel the gap that much in my pregnancy, it was more post pregancy.  One way I could feel the muscles separating during my pregancy was that I got a weakend feeling in that area.

After birth I could feel this gap by laying on my back, and placing my fingers just above my navel, and then tencing my stomach muscle. The gap then backame very noticable.

There is no pain involved when abdominal muscles separate, since it does not rapture or tear. The mucsle just thin out.

An abdominal wrap is a helping tool, when it comes to getting your muscles back together. I used this since day one after coming home from the hospital, and up to 3 months after. Just in normal life, but also to the gym. I did not want a stomach that kind of pops out, with a big bump were the muscles used to be together, as I have seen many people have.

An abdominal wrap can be a piece of clothing, or a “belly bandit” which is something created just for this. In some pre-natal work out women also often use a towel, which they put under their backs, for so to cross over their stomachs.  My grandmother which is close to 90 years old, told me stories that in the old days, women that just have given birth wrapped their stomachs in clothing, so that the “bulge” would not show. And I have read about it being used decades ago several places.

And after trying it myself I can say. IT WORKS!!!!

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