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What happens after birth – is it a taboo to talk about it?

This article is not gonna have any pictures today. Ehem…I forgot that once a year you have to pay here on wordpress to be able to update pictures. And due to my busy life, it did not get paid, and now I don’t know how to fix it. But enough about that.

So  today I went to the doctor on my 6 weeks check up. Stiches (if you had any) gets checked, and everything below, and blood work, and if there should be anything els to do with the fact that you gave birth 6 weeks ago. As I was sitting at the waiting room, and of course..waiting. I over heard two very pregnant women that was about to pop at any moment.  They where talking about the taboo of talking about what happens after you have given birth.  And I must agree, it seems like a taboo.

One of them hadt talked to a friend that had kids from before, but the other  one had asked the mother without getting any real answers. Many people will not talk about it at all. I am lucky to have friends that has shared things with me so that I was not in the dark the first time or the second time. But I have heard about girls that was so mad at their family, mother, close once for not have told them about the “wonders of giving birth and the after math”. What is your view on this, is it something for every women to find out by them self?  Or should they get a heads up on somethings?

No pregnancy is a like, just as no woman, and no body is a like, but some similarities must there be, we are not different spices. We are all human.


So should I write an article on this, or……

2 comments on “What happens after birth – is it a taboo to talk about it?

  1. healthyfrenchie
    May 10, 2013

    I think it’s important to be informed. I don’t have kids yet, and it’s something I would love to know more about. Also, paying for pics? I never had to?

    • alternative eating
      May 15, 2013

      Yes, it think it’s important to be informed too:) Yes, last year I got a thing on my blog saying I went over the 3 GB you get, and I had to pay for additional 10 GB, I used 35 % of it. And then I guess the time expired? And there is no way to upgrade it, so it said when I tried that I am not “allowed” to upload more pics……

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