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Almond Mylk – and a little bit of dog mushing



So as you all know, I love staying active and most of all being outside.  And to be around dogs. It just makes my day complete. Here are some pictures from this Saturday:

This is Aisha looking at Derek in the distance.



From our Saturday…So much fun, 6 miles on cross country skis behind my husband, our kids are in the sled pulled by 5 dogs, our friend in front has 2 dogs, with their 2 kids and her on skis behind. Gaute is like a pro already.



Snacking break for humans and dogs.

But now back to the recipe. I started doing this a few weeks back. Making my own almond mylk aka milk.  It is so much fun because you can add so many flavors.

Makes 3-5 glasses:

1/2 cups (1 dl) almonds

1/4 cup (1/2 dl) coconut flakes

4 dates

a pinch of pumpkin spice

a pinch of salt

4 cups (10 dl) water



Let it all soak over night. And then mix it all in your blender. I had it on liquify.  After letting it run for 4-5 minutes.

I do not have a nut bag, or cheese cloth, so I used my sifter and ran it through 3 times. To get it smooth. Yummy goodness, my son loves it too.


Thank you again for dropping by, don’t be shy drop some lines, and let me know what you think of my blog! I hope you found some inspiration.

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