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My first book is published

This just happened…my first book is published on Amazon,  way faster than trying to send it out to the publishers, I saw how that went with my book I wrote a few years back.

“After spending many nights laying in bed thinking about all the things that had happened I decided to focus on the positive things of my day by writing a few lines every night before bed. These poems in this book, reflects 30 days in 30 short poems to bring gratitude, and joy to a hectic day, when it is easy to lose oneself of the chaos that we call life. ” Be great in every moment of your day by doing your best, not measuring yourself by others greatness.”

If you find it catchy check out my book “Bedtime gratitude”.

Due to not have bought any more space for media I can’t add a picture at this moment.

Now the question… should I try to make all my recipes on my blog into a e-book?

Please write comments and let me know what you all think, I got 6 weeks of vacation time, and this could be one of my projects…

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