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The last swim on the last day of the year….

So there you have it. I had an extra light on for the video, but it did not really help. Should have put it a bit closer. My lovely husband joined me for the fun, while our kids that would have loved to join us had to stand on land.

I know there are several people all over Norway doing this today, and we are also doing one tomorrow. “Last swim, and the first swim of the year” kind of thing.

It has been a great year, a year of changes, sorrow, laughter, good experiences and bad once. The boys are growing, and learning, and it is with pride I look at them. They turned 4 and 6 this year.  My other kids (the dogs) has also grown so much this year, they turned 3 and 4 years old. And they calmed down a tad…lol…

At the end of 2016 my health was looking kind of dim. So I did some drastic changes. I ate only white meat back then, but  I cut that out Christmas 2016. So here is to 1 year of not eating meat, egg, dairy or any other animal products.  My health has improved, but not all my symptoms are gone, but here is to an other year, laying down the pathway to excellent health ❤  Some one told me that your body, your health is like an  onion, you start healing the outer layers, and you unveil something els, hopefully I am almost at the core 🙂

There is only a few hrs left of this year. But here is to 2017, and hoping 2018 will be an even more eventful year.  Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.


Be good, be great, be the greatest version of you!


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