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Vegan burgers and one of the worlds most northern race.

As many of you know we used to live in Alaska, and there I got involved in the dog community. And I got hooked, like so many others. And that’s where this picture is from:


This was from one of the training runs that we did with a long distance mushing team for Tommy Jordbrudal in Salcha, Alaska where he trained for the Iditarod.  That now runs the Huskytravellers  in Svalbard. A small family owned business.

And this past Thursday I headed up to Svalbard, going from a sweaty 32 degrees celcius (90 Fahrenheit) to 0 – 2 degrees celcius ( 32 Fahrenheit) and snow.

I have been looking forward to this moment for a while, even though I fell ill, and got a hip lock and inflammation last week in my left side. For those who know me I can be quite stubborn, but I had an agreement with myself that I was going to listen to my body. And to my surprise I finished  in 2 hrs and 15 minutes the 21 km (13.1 miles) in the Spitsbergen Halfmarathon. 

After the race I had a quick recovery, a hot shower and a good meal with the family before 3 of us headed up in the mountain with 16 dogs.

Since we are only 1200 km from the North Pole there is no darkness in the summer months. We stayed out until 11 o’clock  (pm) . Because of a white out we did not make it to our final destination, but had to turn around. But it is all about the adventure. It was fun, to finally be on a real sled. On the west coast of Norway it gets cold, and raw, but we don’t get enough snow in the low lands to mush with a sled. I use my kickbike or do skijoring.

After about 4, 5 hrs of sleep, I got up this morning to head out. It was snowing, and the weather was cool just like I like it. It was the perfect ending. These are some of the pictures from the flight heading out.


Enough about the trip. So todays recipe is from Sarah’s Day . Sarah is one of my role models, and she is fun and inspiring. Since she has been dealing with a lot of the same issues that I have over the last few years. The “how to” is at 8:04 minutes in to the video.

I do hope you try it. She has a lot of good, healthy recipes. And most of them are plant based or can easily be made into plant based.


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