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Goat milk

When I first found out that I could not drink milk, I looked into what other things there were, and how my body reacted to them. A lot of people with milk intolerance and milk allergies ( not all) can drink goat milk.

Goat milk more digestible than normal milk . Meaning, its easier to digest. There is rarely lactose intolerance to goat milk. Due to this milk having a lower lactose than normal milk.

On a chemistry level scientist have come to see that goat milk is more similar to human milk (mother’s milk) than cow milk is, and that is also one of the reasons why a lot of people drink this milk.

Believe it or not over 60% of the worlds milk consumption comes from goats.

Did you find this interesting, read more here:

Goat milk (this is a Norwegian page translated to English)

Benefits of goat milk

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