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Organic Milk

Organic milk is more expensive than the regular milk, but still the demand for this product is increasing.  First of: What makes organic milk so different from the old fashion, regular milk?

The definition on organic milk is:

Organic milk is defined by the USDA as milk  from cows  that have been exclusively fed organic feed, have not been treated with  synthetic hormones, are not given certain medications to treat sickness, and are held in pens with adequate space.“(Wikipedia)                                                                              

 This produce is therefor free from hormones and antibiotics, and their food has to be also free from harmful pesticides or fertilizers. As everybody knows: to use organic produce cost more, but that is the procedure is more time consuming. To be healthy always costs more.

The growth hormones ( bovine: BHG) or rbST ( recombinant bovine somatotropin) both gives an increase in the cows milk production when used, but the other side effect it that is also  does so  that  the insulin ( with growth factor) IGF-1 survives the pasteurization, and enters the humans through the milk, and into their bloodstream. There is an ongoing discussion on what effect this hormone has on humans.

Here are some good sources to read about milk:

Milk not just from cows
Organic vs. Regular milk
Organic milk

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