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Water, why should you drink it?

In Norway we are blessed to have water of good quality come through our taps. Some places tap water actually taste way better then the bottled water you pay for. Yes, we do pay for our water in our taps too, but its not that much. Not everyone are as lucky as us, and has to go through  great difficulties to get pure, clean water. But why do our bodies need water, and what are the benefits of drinking this, instead of an oh so good tasting, ice cold coca-cola on the rocks?

As we all learned in school, the human body is about 60%.  One can go months without food, but without water a human would not last long.

When drinking water you replenish the body fluid, help your cells, muscles and kidneys just to mention some things.

Soda on the other hand has a high content of sugar, have calories ( while water has 0), a lot of artificial flavoring, and does not do great things for your skin, liver or kidneys. No matter if its diet or regular soda.

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