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Spelt flour

This is also called the grandfather of wheat flour. Spelt, known in the nutrition world as triticum speltum.  Spelt is a species of wheat. But it is more soluble in water then regular  wheat, and it therefor requires less water when it comes to baking and such.

In some stores you will find “dinkel mehl” in the writing in stead of spelt flour, this is the same. Germany stands for a lot of spelt flour on the european market.

It has a robust and nutty flavor, but when you replace it in different recipes you can hardly notice any difference in the flavor. Spelt is a highly allergy friendly product since it has a very low content of gluten in it, and people that normally has problems digesting wheat flour can tolerate this. But if you have an intolerance towards gluten this is not the flour to use. In our household we are several that is intolerant towards wheat flour: wheat allergy and IBS ( irritable bowl syndrome). Wheat flour is no longer to be found in our cabinets.

Spelt is high on fiber, manganese, and also contains niacin, copper and protein.  This flour has proven to have a series of health benefits: preventing migraines, reducing risk of atheroscleriosis  and diabetes,  and also lower cholesterol.

Hope you learned some more about spelt, here is some more reading material:


Natural news

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