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Kesam, or Quark, as it also is called is a good substitute for sour cream, butter, cream and other fats used in food.  It does not ruin the taste when used in food. The product has a lower fat content(almost the same as yoghurt) then lets say cream cheese, and has no salt/sodium added to it.

But what is Kesam/Quark? It is a fresh cheese, that is made from sweet milk: by warming sour milk until a desired degree of denaturation of the milk proteins are met.  Then the produce gets strained, and then add an acid coagulation such as microbial rennet (milk bacterias). There are several different kinds of Kesam/Quark, some leaner than the original, and some with added flavor. Some people state that f.ex vanilla kesam is a healthier alternative to use than lets say yoghurt.

To read more about Kesam and quark please look at these pages below:

Why use Kesam/Quark in food?

What is Kesam?


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    September 26, 2011 Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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