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Kombucha tea – What is and what is it good for!

When I came to the States I started going to one of the local health stores. Osa’s garden. And I found these drinks there, they are raw. I had never heard about kombucha tea before. So I of course had to do the  “investigation”  on it.

Kombucha is a living  health  drink. But unlike many other health drinks it has an unusually rich nutritional properties. Because of the fermentation of the tea, as in yoghurt, the bacteria it self is a great source of nutrition. But there is also other health benefits: a wide range of organic acids, vitamins and enzymes.

The main ingredients in Kambucha tea is: fermenting tea, sugar combined with the kambucha culture. Sugar is the main ingredient, the bacteria feeds of the sugar, and is essential for the brewing process.

Due to the micro-bacterias in the drink Kambucha is an effective metabolic balancer, it makes the different organs in the body work together. The probiotics in the drink encourages a healthier intestinal flora.  The probiotics work just like the acidophilus bacteria which is the active ingredient in live yoghurt.


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One comment on “Kombucha tea – What is and what is it good for!

  1. Keri Riggs
    July 6, 2012

    It’s one of my favorite drinks!!

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