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Red meat vs white meat

I stopped eating meat for many many years, but I have slowly introduced it again into my diet, due to many things, the most important was to get enough nutritions when I worked out 5-6 hrs (sometimes more) a day.

But now there is the selection choice, red meat or do you choose white meat. And why is white meat eligible the best one for you. In my case I have problems digesting the red meat, I end up with a bad series of tummy aches when indulging in the red meat.

The biggest difference is that the fat content in the white meat is lesser than in the red kind. It also has a lower number of calories.

Red meat has been said to be bad for you, but now you have the option of choosing leaner red meat, which is not that bad for you. Red meat also have some nutrition value that the white meat does not have.  Zinc, iron, thiamine and riboflavin are just some of what you can find in the red.  Red meat does also contain more protein that it cousin white meat.

A key word here is moderation, if you choose red. White meat is not tied up to as many health problems as the red meat. But as said both of them has their pros and cons. What you choose is just up to you.

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