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Substitutions in food – Cook healthier

With food, there is always a substitution that you can use. So that if you don’t have some ingredients, that you can use something els.  . And also sometimes to make it either healthier, or changed to fit your kind of eating.

Instead of butter: apple sauce, ghee or oil

Instead of gelatin: agar agar

Instead of regular sugar: agave nectar, yacoon syrup, stevia ( there are so many to choose from)

Instead of regular milk: soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, coconut milk are just some few alternative here.

Creamed soups: to make cream soups you can actually add some mashed potatoes

Sour creme: yoghurt (not as fatty, and an all over healthier choice )

Did you find this interesting. look at this link under neath here to read more:

80 healthy substitutions

One comment on “Substitutions in food – Cook healthier

  1. Kencee Cunada
    January 3, 2013


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