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Blueberries- a rising star

As a little kid there was nothing I looked more forward to then late summer time when the blueberries were ready for the picking.  And its  that time again. Even as a grown up I never get fed up of these berries.  I”m so lucky that I live in the forrest, and have blueberries and raspberries ( and other berries) right outside my front door.

It has been proven lately that blueberries is a star on the rising, when it  comes to its nutritional value. This little blue thing is packed with nutritions and is one of the berries that has the most antioxidants, it also have vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese, and much, much more. Blueberries is also considered a low-GI fruit, with a GI that range somewhere in the 40’s.

To read more about blueberries, look at these links:



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