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Psyllium husk fiber

Psyllium seed husk is a plant from the Middele East, the plant is known as Plantago Psyllum.  The seeds are are used for, constipation, colon cleaninse, as well as to better the blood circulation.

Psyllium husk  is the covering around these seeds.  The seeds and husk is full of fiber, to be specific, dietary fiber.

The seeds and husk also relieve IBS, diarrhea and lowering blood cholesterol.

When it comes to the fiber in the husk and seeds it is very soluble in water, they turn in to a gel in the water. If you’re on a higher fat diet, psyllium husk, if you take it regularly : lowers low-density lipo protein (“bad cholesterol”).

To read more about this, look at these pages:

Why, and what- Psyllium husk


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