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Agave Nectar

                     Agave nectar is a natural sweetener extracted from the Agave plant. There has been some discussion about the nectar over the last years. In this article there are references to both sides,  the pros and cons  about the product.

Agave Nectar, also called Agave Syrup is produced from a desert succulent plant by the name Agave Americana.

 Agave affects the blood sugar less then  normal  refined sugar would, this   because of its low glycemic index, and it does not over stimulate the production of insulin as many sweeteners tend to.  The glycemic index is around 20. Even though this is a natural product it should be used sparingly.  It is 75% sweeter then sugar. That means that you use 1:4 of what you would normally with sugar when you use this product.  If this product is used in large consumptions it will pass on to the colon,  creating gas, and also sometimes cause loose bowels. The sap has some natural laxatives.

The sap that is used is known to sustain of a natural steroid,  it has an anti-inflammatory effect, an anti-bleeding effect and it has also showed that is some agave species it is also anti-canceres.

One other fact is that some species of Agave, one in specific  is the Blue Agave, plays a role in the production of tequila.

I hope this has enlightened you, and that the information has been useful.

Good pages to read about the Agave Nectar:…

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