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On the rise is substitutes to sugar, and  the question is can the substitute replace the real thing? Yes, some times it can , depending on heat, what you are adding it to. The sweetness that you crave can be just a substitute away.

So a couple of years ago I heard about stevia, and the first time I tried it I tried it in a powder form, which I must say  ” I did not like”, the bitter after taste, and much much more. But now for a couple of months I have tried it as a liquid, with great success. Wisdom naturals is my favorite right now with “Vanilla & Cream” and “English Toffee”. A little stevia goes a long way.

First things first: What is stevia?

Stevia is made from an herb that belongs to the Chrysanthemum family, it originates from South America. It has been used since the 1970’s in Japan, and increased in use since they in 1987 banned all artificial sweeteners. Stevia is non-toxic, has 0 calories, and reduces cravings for sweets. This sugar substitute is 30 times sweeter than regular sugar. Unlike sugar, stevia does not affect the blood sugar. But when using this, remember, stevia is a very concentrated product. It just takes a little.

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One comment on “Stevia

  1. Emily Howard
    October 10, 2011

    you should try Zyvia.. it has absolutely no after taste its the only 100% Stevia product i found without bitter after taste. you can buy it form

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