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Sugar- good or bad?

There has been a huge debate going on about refined and un-refined sugar. One being white sugar, and one being cane sugar (brown sugar).  In our household, white sugar was banned a long time ago. My mum grew up on cane sugar, and has taught us about it.  But what is the difference, and why is white, refined sugar said to be the hidden enemy?

Today sugar is in everything, things you would not even think needed sugar. I read about this experiment on a web page: take a cane of soda, a measuring spoon and a plate. Dump a spoon of sugar into the plate, and repeat nine times. 9. That is how much sugar there is in one cane. Try this just once to see how much sugar that is. Yes. To drink a cane now or then, probably not that bad, but what about that drink liter ( or gallons if you like) of this every single day. How much sugar do they get? We have all heard stories of people that quite drinking soda and started drinking water  and just dropped a lot of weight.

So what is refined sugar:  is white chrystalline carbohydrates, and  does not have any nutritional value. It only sustains of “empty calories”. White sugar as it is also called is blamed for a lot of health problems, and that with good reason.  Sugar taken on a daily bases builds up an overacid condition, and the body uses a lot of energy to rectify this imbalance that the sugar creates, often with devastating results.

Brown sugar is not the same as unrefined sugar, it is also stripped for vitamins and minerals, but it has a better health perspective than sister “white sugar”.  But the best thing is to use unrefined sugar.

Sugar addiction is a new term that has popped up in the vocabulary over the years. And it is what is sounds like, an addiction to sugar. You just got to have, you crave it, and when you get it you want more. Sugar is one of the most addictive things there is, and so hard to stop eating.

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