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GMO – What is it?

gmo-tomato gmo

These days we see “non Gmo” labels a lot of places and hear about organic foods. That is why I am writing this short article. There will be listed places to read more about this: 

Genetically modified foods, are derived from genetically modified organism. GMO.

The four major groups of GM foods are: Soy, corn, canola and cotton. They are designed to survive deadly dozes of weed killer. Some  GM foods have a built in pesticide. F.ex corn and cotton has insect-killing toxin in every cell. One of the major health concerns is that GM products have the potential to increase allergies.

GM Foods Chart(1)

Some other things;

The first genetically modified tomato was introduced in 1994, but due to problems with flavor and shipping, the product was taken off the market.  Right now there is a  company by the name AquaBounty that  are currently petitioning the FDA about their genetically engineered salmon.

There are GMOs hidden in most common processed food ingredients. Just to mention a few: Aspartame, Amino Acids, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, flavorings ( natural and artificial), high fructose corn syrup, vitamins and yeast products.

In North America over  80% of the food contains GMO.  To eat organic is a great step toward avoiding GMO, but due to the National Organic Programs does not require organic certifications to do GMO testing. The best way to avoid it is to eat certified organic AND  Non-GMO Project Verified.

Pages to read about the subject:

Non-GMO Project

What is GMO?

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