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Good carbs, bad carbs

Now in these trend diet times were low carb diets florishes people like to think that ALL carbs are bad. But the fact is that there are good once out there too.  But also the term “in small portions= good. In large portions=bad” also comes to mind. Don’t sit and eat a whole bread, and then blame it on the bread.  That is like saying all fats are bad ( more on that in an other article).

Carbs comes in varieted forms, and in different foods. The “norm” is forms such as sugars, fibers and starches.

You have simple carbohydrates that includes fruit sugar (fructose) ,and a range of other sugars.   Everything that are made from three of more linked sugars are called complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs were for a long time thought to be healthier to eat. But its not that easy.

All carbs are treated as equal by the body. The difference is how the body actually digests them, and absorbs them. The link is said to be between the GI (glycemic index) and carbs.

But remember eating, or indulging in the processed carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and bagels are not the best alternative. Remember there is always a substitution alternative.

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