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Introducing fresh air, and the famous walk

Norwegians are known for walking, we walk EVERY where, and if you ask us “why”, the answer is either to get a workout, or just to get some fresh air.

We spent a lot of our time inside. Have you ever thought about that? Being outside gives you a feeling of well being, and you actually feel refreshed.  Indoor air has a lot of things in it, dust for one. Fresh air helps clean our lungs, and gets read of all the nasties. Some of us live in bigger cities, and there it is more pollution in the air,  but there is almost always some kind of “free area” were you can be outdoors, just not right outside your door step.

Walking is one of the easiest exercise form one can do. And it does you so good, 15-30 minutes a day, walking  pr day is something most people should do.  It strengthens your heart and lungs, and increases the oxygen in your blood.

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